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Chapter: St. Louis

Please visit for more information.

2017 Earthquake Insight Field Trip is tentatively planned for the weekend of Friday afternoon, March 31, through Sunday afternoon, April 2. Contact Phyllis Steckel ( for more information. Starts in Cahokia, IL, near St. Louis.

2017 Civil War & Geology Field Trip is tentatively planned for the fall of 2017 (a little over a year from now. Contact George Davis ( or Phyllis Steckel ( for more information or to offer to help.


Phyllis Steckel
Stephanie Kline-Tissi
Jessie Goodwin (Interim)
Jon Truesdale
Past Officer:
Dale Markley

About The Chapter

The St. Louis Chapter strives to continually educate and connect professionals, students, and the public in a unique region that encompasses karst, alluvial, glacial, and seismically actives areas as well as active and historical mining. In many places these topics overlap and interact with each other creating unique and varied engineering and environmental situations.

Students and Educators

The St. Louis Chapter works with educators and students in Missouri and Illinois. If you are interested in having a professional speak in the classroom (any age group) or know of a student interested in job shadowing, please do not hesitate to contact any of the officers. Currently, we have one Student Chapter in our Section at Missouri University of Science & Technology (Formerly University of Missouri-Rolla). For more information on the Chapter, please visit their page. (Click link below to webpage) We encourage students at other universities within the St. Louis Chapter to start your own Student Chapter. Our officers would be pleased to meet with you and your fellow students to get you started!

Missouri University of Science & Technology (Formerly Univ. of Missouri-Rolla) Student Chapter (Rolla, MO)
For more information about the Missouri Univ. of Science & Technology Student Chapter go to the Student Chapter web page.

Past Meetings and Activities

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April 2012 - 2011-2012 Richard Jahns Lecturer, Dr. Scott Burns
Cataclysms on the Columbia, the Great Missoula Flood
Engineering Geology Challenges on the Cascadia Margin, Pacific Northwest
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Chapter Newsletters

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Chapter Sponsors

These companies have supported the efforts of the St. Louis Chapter of AEG this past year. Please thank them for their support.




Chapter News
  • This year we are trying to update our booth with new and more relevent pictures of three topics:
    • Earthquake damage and dangers (ex. liquifaction, buildings failures, fissures)
    • Methods that engineers use to mitigate dangers (ex. geophysical studies, retrofitting of bridges and buildings)
    • Activities the public can participate in to prepare for an earthquake (ex. tie down water heaters, use flexible connectors for gas lines, etc)
  • Send pictures to Anna Saindon ( and feel free to include descriptions and stories.
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